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​High-performance Speed Cameras


Phantom T3610 is equipped with a breakthrough CMOS sensor with backside illumination (BSI), so it sustains the image throughput with optimized light sensitivity for high frame rates and sub-microsecond exposures. At its full 1 Mpx resolution of 1280 x 800, T3610 can capture over 38,000 fps. This 38 Gpx/second throughput is maintained through its full range for a maximum frame rate of 875,000 fps at both 1280 x 32 pixels (standard mode) and 640 x 64 pixels (binned mode).

Fastcam Photron Nova offers 12-bit image recording rates up to 16,000fps at megapixel image resolution, and shutter speeds to 0.2us. Recording rates to 1,100,000fps are available to reduced image resolutions. 

Litron Laser 532nm LDY Series LD60-532 PIV


 Main features:

  1. 60W at 10kHz

  2. Repetition rates up to 50kHz with individual pulses

  3. Diode lifetime >10,000 hrs

  4. Ultra stable output (<0.2% RMS)

  5. Circular homogenous beam profile

  6. Optimised for high brightness

  7. Fibre delivered beam option

Gyger Droplet Generator

Main features:

  1. Wide range of media and viscosities can be dispensed

  2. Dispensing speed up to 4000 Hz Dispensing volumes below 10 nl possible

  3. Hard-sealing valve structure with sapphire and ruby

  4. High repeatability

  5. Optimized for contactless dispensing

  6. Grid width from 4 mm

Binary Droplets Apparatus


    Droplets are generated by two independently controlled droplet generators, which are electromagnetically controlled by SMLD-300G micro valves produced by Fritz Gyger AG. By changing the valve nozzles with various orifice diameters and by slightly adjusting the switch-on duration controlled by the pulse generator, droplet sizes can vary from 0.2 mm to 1.5 mm.

    A high-speed camera (Photron SA-Z) integrated with a QUESTAR QM 100 long-distance microscope will be applied to obtained time-resolved shadowgraph images of droplets collision process. The camera can be set to 50000 fps while with a spatial resolution of 640×600. These features enable us to precisely measure droplet collisions in the parametric ranges of interest, as seen some experimental results.

Multiple Flames Apparatus


    A fire-proof curtain and mesh screen are used to minimize any external disturbance. Fuel flow rates for each burner are accurately controlled by the mass flow controllers, which are adjusted by MC Series (5SLPM-D/5M) mass flow controller with the range of 0 – 5 slpm (standard liter per minute) produced by Alicat Scientific. Two high-speed cameras (Photron SA-Z and Chronos 2.1-HD) are applied to obtain time-resolved shadowgraph images by front and vertical views. These features enable us to precisely measure flame dynamics in the parametric ranges of interest, as seen some experimental results.

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